Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1000 HZ of February

February listening list in a mo, but first some gentle commercial reminders:

Down With Candy is #3 in the Norman Records sales charts. There were only 100 copies to begin with, so be speedy if you want one.

Arev Konn’s Nospelt is also available now from Norman and Boomkat – write ups and all that jazz to follow…gotta love that Arev Konn bloke


OK – February’s commuter songs:

1000 Hz – Shellac
Trailed and Kept – Demian Johnston + Mink Stole
Simon Werner Disparu – SYR
Akira OST – Geinoh Yamashirogumi
En Form for Bla – Aethenor
See Birds – Balam Acab

Its telling how Sonic Youth being Sonic Youth by numbers is absolute class - but Radiohead being Radiohead by numbers is a little lame (just a little lame mind).
& go Debacle - check Virgin Piles, awesome...

Finally, if any of you live anywhere warm with good beer, I want to play your town...

Salut x

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