Friday, February 25, 2011

Boomkat Recommended release - Nospelt

Nospelt is available from Boomkat today and is a recommended release. Sweet.

Boomkat review:

Arev Konn is the noisier side-project of London master of drone Antony Harrison, and shows another facet to his production skill. While haunting white-noise flecked drones may have graced many of his releases already – ‘Nospelt’ is the first to feature noise so prominently and does so with an effortless expertise. Apparently the album was conceived and written in January 2010’s ‘big freeze’ and certainly this translates well to the music, which is as blissfully cold and glacial as Mika Vaino in a plunge pool with Thomas Koner. Harrison adds a little more fizz to the mix though; on top of the oscillators and customary field recordings there are distant drum beats, half-heard synthesizers and even piano. When the final piece ‘False Starts’ decomposes from clouds of noise into simple, unprocessed solo piano it feels totally right, and is the icing on the cake of an already arresting listen. Very good stuff indeed.

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