Friday, February 18, 2011

'This weeks hottest shit' - apparently

Down with Candy by Konntinent CD, Debacle, DBL050, £5.99

Down with Candy is now available in the UK from Norman Records. Its a 4* recommendation:::

Norman say:

I'm really keen on this guy's stuff. Out of the more interesting & unpredictable realms of the drone/sound art field, he comes brandishing some impressive future music. This begins like a sculpted industrial drone piece before some wild, tingly old kosmische synths are released into the sonic arena. He's quite adept at throwing in some micro-flecks of bass music weaponry, just to startle you, leaving you wondering, doubting you may have heard anything along those lines in the first place! This mini album is only 5 tracks long but clocking in at 33 mins, you're still guaranteed a mesmerising ride. Sinister sci-fi arcade noise judders along a beatless dub techno trajectory, then a ricocheting cosmic echo of a beat ushers in the welcome return of another retro-tinged synth piece - once again the spectre of Cluster & their exploratory synthesizer genius is mined but the results sound fresh rather than retrogressive. By track four, 'New Neo Tokyo/From the Beach, Odeiba Bay', the contemporary influence of acts such as Forest Swords seems to be piping through. Dubbed-out skeletal beats & desolate sound-scapery make for an incredibly thought provoking listen. Closing with another wild, astral piece chock full of cool abstracted ideas & hugely engaging synth action, I'm left panting for more!!

£6 only - and it makes you pant?!

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