Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boomkat does Kiruna

**Konntinent's 1st vinyl release. Limited edition of 200. First 100 copies include CD and all copies come with download code redeemable from the label. Mastered by James Plotkin** Konntinent is by far one of the most interesting artists on Hibernate Recordings. 'Kiruna' is his premier vinyl release and follows in swift succession from excellent offerings on Home Normal in recent months. It's surely his most accomplished release to date, an improvised play-through suite in six parts, inspired by London's coldest winter in memory. Recorded in January and February of 2011, it's finely balanced between hard, frozen power-electronics and convective harmonics, taking the label's usually soporific aesthetics in a more visceral and by turns, affecting direction . All the recordings were improvised (at dead of night, we'd imagine) and later edited into shape. The first side sweeps from deliciously dissonant synth panoramas and crackling electro-acoustic textures to shimmering industrial pulses and stray synth arpeggios in finest post-Krautrock style, before Haxan Cloak-like keys merge with unheimlich, grunting vocals in a miasmic funk. Meanwhile, the B-side is given to more droning, drifting layers, meeting and blending at cinematically faded junctions to brilliantly sustain the suspense til close.


Ta Boomkat....

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