Monday, December 5, 2011

16 tickets remaining

I've just read that there are only 16 advance tickets remaining for the Hibernate/Home Normal xmas bash. There will be some on the door, but they will cost more and won't come with the amazing hibernate xmas hurry if you want in.

The xmas CD features 'beautiful artwork by Lucia Mancilla Prieto which will be printed as a Christmas card and kept in a wax sealed letter pressed envelope. Here's the final line up...

Antonymes, Clem Leek, The Boats with Annabel Keach, Offthesky, Machinefabriek, Strom Noir, Good Weather for an Airstike, Ithaca Trio, Isnaj Dui, Wil Bolton, The Frozen Vaults, Listening Mirror ft. Alicia Merz, Konntinent ft. Leyli, Upward Arrows, Daniel Freeman, Anna Rose Carter & Chris Bailey'

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