Monday, October 24, 2011

Delay & surprise new arrival

So, mixed news for the waiters -

1. A new Arev Konn Ep is Out Friday Out Friday Out Friday Out Friday!
(you can get a copy of the last Arev Konn album at Norman for a 5'er)
The new EP 'Norbotten' will be part of Hibernate's ltd run postcard series. These usually sell out sharpish so you know what you have to do...

Arev Konn: Starets by hibernate

2. Following some manufacturing funny business, Closer Came the Light has been delayed and will not be released on Nov 18. As nobody sane releases an album in December, we are looking at a Jan release date now. Frustrating huh?

3. Details on first & only UK konntinent show of 2011 announced in the next couple of days...

Occupy Sesame Street xx

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