Thursday, July 21, 2011

Radial Review @ Twice Removed

Nice Paco Sala review over at the excellent Twice Removed:

'Great retro sounding synth constructions, old school drum machine rhythms and cymbals and sci fi sounding effects that come with throbbing keyboard lines and depth within the tracks that make them anything but superficial. "Entry Level" epitomises everything I've written above, while "Orlando" could be a sound track to some '80s sci fi/horror movie hybrid. The final track "Tous Les Irages" features Felicia Atkinson (Hibernate Recording artist) on dreamy french vocals with hypnagogic dubsteppy keyboards, drum machine claps and synth noodling. This release is totally recommended and doesn't sound like it's desperately trying for that old 80's sound - it comes across effortly.'

I think Norman Records still have a couple left

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