Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paco Sala, a 4* Norman Records Recommendation

I've been in rural Czech Republic and returned to discover that Radial Sundown C38 is a 4* recommended release over at Norman Records this week.

These are the only copies in Europe and they have very few left - so you know what you have to do if you'd like a copy: Norman Records

Its a fiver, innit.

'Decent little ride here on this tape from Antony Harrison, better known as Konntinent. Quite a departure too for this artist who here is in neon futuristic swirling synth mode with some retro Italo flourishes and pop melodies. Had I not been in the know I really would not have expected this to be Antony's work at all but I must say he's really nailed it. Rich layers of deep and melodic synth cascade over restrained but functional beats, the overall sound that emerges is part classic electronica, part nu-synth and the sum of its parts is that it is cerebral and very dreamy but also a whole lot of fun.'

More pics and stuff to follow x

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