Monday, March 14, 2011

Tsunami Releif + Free Download

From today (14th March) until the 28th of March - all money from CD sales at the the Hibernate Store will be donated to the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief Fund via Save The Children.
So, please don't megaupload for a while at least and instead arm yourself with some wonderful music. Whilst I am utterly relieved to report that Ian & Lee Home Normal are in a safe way, there are many far less fortunate.

I'd say start with Danny Saul's Kinison - Goldthwait - and take it from there.

And here's a Konntinent track I found in the hard drive from last autumn. I can't really remember much about it other than it didnt fit with anything else I was doing at the time. Its free to download...

Open Down Field (forgotten fall) by konntinent

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