Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter listening list

About a year ago, just over a year ago in fact, I suddenly got massively into doomy, sludgy squashed metal. Pareidolia by Khate is brilliant, so I blame Khate for this, and possibly Anduin a little bit as well. Anyhow, 13 months on and the same thing is happening to my iPodge again. The darker the month, the darker the listening apparently. Pareidolia by Khate still sounds awesome – Comforting the Meat especially. Can’t recommend it enough.

Heres a December/January winter play list:

Locrian – The Crystal World
Black Swan – Black Swan (In 8 Movements)
Gultskra Artikler – Galaktike
Sohrab – A Hidden Place
Chris Abrhams – Play Scar
Anduin – Forever Waiting
Xela – The Sublime
Aun – Motorsleep
Browncloud – Sax by candlelight
Khate - Pareidolia
Games – That We Play (a bit out of context, but real good)

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