Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you Foxy Digitalis

Arev Benn review by Anthony D'Amico of Foxy Digitalis:

'This is the first release that I have heard from Antony Harrison, but Pitchfork has already declared Konntinent’s Opal Island album to be on par with folks like Black to Comm and Emeralds, so I think I may be a bit behind the curve. It is a rare day when I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Pitchfork, but I think they probably nailed it this time. Of course, this cassette does not sound at all like either of the aforementioned artists, but the comparison is an apt one, as Harrison seems to be an absolute master at his craft. The closest comparison I can think of here is mid-period Zoviet France, as Konntinent shares ZF’s fondness for combining organic exotic instrumentation with inhuman post-industrial textures. That is a pretty high compliment coming from me, but I am rather surprised that Antony has managed to garner such high-profile attention, as his vision is a dark, minimal, and understated one.'

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