Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Down With Candy!

Ok, Down With Candy is available from Debacle Records today. Now in fact!
Theres a limited run of 100 CDR's and hi-res downloads from all the usual places:


Down With Candy is a collection of live session tracks from November last year - all single take recordings using a bunch of synths, a guitar, field recordings, piss poor drum machine ramming, a mixing desk and a lot of frantic nob twiddling. The sessions were split by a week in Miami drinking whisky by the ocean - which definitely had an influence. Down With Candy was performed as a single 30 minute set at Cafe Oto on Nov 25th as part of the OTObahn event. Thanks to the OTObahn folk for having me and thanks to Debacle for putting the CD out. They have an Expo '70 set available today n' all - rad.

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