Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conch 08 - introducing Arev Konn

Happy New Years then.

New year and new project - I'm chuffed to introduce my first release as Arev Konn.
Consider Arev Konn as Konninent's leaner meaner angry cousin.
'Nospelt' is a full length release via Christian Roth's brilliant Humming Conch label.

Nospelt was recorded late winter 2010 using a variety of old tape machines and analogue hardware. Mastering by Ian Hawgood.

Sound clips, pics and credits to follow.

1. Saffron Calls
2. The Fourth Peninsula
3. A History In The Pine
4. Nospelt (w. Pit Weber)
5. Five Towns Press
6. False Starts

There will be a limited run of 250 CD's released February 18. I think it will be available in the UK via Boomkat and Norman and direct from the label in Europe. I'm pretty sure there'll be some US distro as well.

More info/images and stuff here:


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