Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuff of the year - for the love of lists

Labels of the year 2010 (excluding any to which I am in any way associated)
1. Type
2. EMego
3. Not Not Fun
5. Touch

Artwork/Packaging of the year 2010

1. Rene Hell – Porcelain Opera
2. Stellar Om Source – Trilogy Select
3. Erik Skodvin - Flare
4. Radio People – Radio People
5. Games – Everything is Working

Personal thanks of the year

Lady Jaja, Ian+Lee, Pit, Christian Conch, Scott Mapsadaisical, Simon Scott, Katie English, Jon Y6, Mitch SLG, Lisa M, Jonny Mugwump, David W, Erik and Monique for social rescue in Berlin, the tolerant folk of Elizabeth Mews

Sad goodbyes of the year

The luminaire, The Flea Pit

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