Sunday, November 21, 2010

O T O B A H N - free download

I've been in Miami for a week - which is a real swell place, but not one for the pale of complexion nor poor of wallet - both categories I sadly fulfill. Palm tree sunset photo's to follow. Now, of more pressing focus is my set at Cafe Oto coming up this Thursday as part of Otobahn II... Looks a stellar evening, more inf here:

This will be a completely solo performance, no assistance or collabs. Though largely an improv set, there is a degree of pre-prep involved - the results of which I've recorded and made available for free download via soundcloud (and below, obviously)...

Part 1 - A single take synth-out piece with some pre-sequenced samples to close...

OTO Prep pt 1 by konntinent

Part 2 - Like part 1, its a single take recording - with some pre-sequenced samples...Part 2 however is guitar focused. Secondary samples of the Atlantic ocean taken from Miami beach last week + Arabic dance slices (thanks to Helen Twix).
Oto Prep pt 2 by konntinent

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