Monday, November 29, 2010

Norman Records - Arev Benn available

The super ace Norman Records now has a very limited number of the Arev Benn C40's in stock - the only ones in Europe I think? Its a recommended release n'a'll that...

£5 + p&p

The review reads something like:

He does wickedly distinctive stuff does this dude. Weirdly tribal-like in spots. Eerie mountain folk sketches with sparse organic woody percussion, quietly intoned vocals, almost hushed to a whisper. I simply adore his multi-faceted schizophrenic sound palette. Even his pulsing electronic/drone experiments sound truly absorbing. I wonder if he's recorded this with the tape medium in mind because the analogue sound really brings out the closeness & depth of the humming, pulsing, clattering & fizzing samples. There's a track on here which almost makes listening to the likes of say, Machinefabriek, a dismal, lifeless experience - an implicit aura of dub-like proportions is always on the periphery of this track. And when he does do the fumbling minimal sound-art thing, it always seems to build towards something interesting. This is very "alive" sounding music which I find thoroughly engaging.

I will also be selling a few copies at the Home Normal xmas show in London on December 17th - more news on that to follow...

happy mondays x

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