Friday, October 8, 2010


Geeky gear list for my contribution to tonights Exotic Pylon Sinfonia

Casio VL-1
Korg Monotron
1 x variable pitch cassette recorder
2 x Boss DD-20’s
1 x Proco Rat
1 x Boss RV3
Apogee Duet + Logic 8 + MBP

And all because:

Infinite Livez
strange cartoon dada-fuelled hip hop songs rewired live into a unique improvised flow of experimental beats and instant rhymes. Livez performed a stunning live set for the exotic pylon show in december 2009 which you can download at

Black to Comm
...we are hugely honoured to present what has to be one of my favourite artists of the last decade. Marc Richter brings magical drones from Germany and creates uncanny spaces utilising peculiar electronic sound sources, field recordings and acoustic samples. This is his only UK performance this year.

Thorsten Sideb0ard
will be djing throughout the proceedings and recently produced a beautiful mix for us here:

Exotic Pylon Sinfonia
Improvised interventions from an ever mutating synaesthetic orb.

October edition:
Specially composed visuals by Scott Byrne (Schema Film)
Live set from Portia Winters
Short film from Miho Tajima
Improvisation directed by Time Attendant featuring: I Am a Vowel, Position Normal, Konntinent, Frances Morgan and Time Attendant.
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