Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hauschka + Library Tapes

November 9th, I'll be on the bush hall stage with this beautiful bunch:
(From Katie English at

Well known for his use of prepared piano, Volker Bertelmann under his Hauschka guise has carved a niche for himself as a unique voice in modern classical composition. As a natural progression from his early work for solo piano, Hauschka has recently begun writing ensemble works, notably on his 2008 album Ferndorf.
In support of his latest album Foreign Landscapes (FatCat), Hauschka will be joined on tour by a 10-piece string and wind ensemble to perform from the richly orchestrated work. Although a marked departure for the composer, Foreign Landscapes still maintains Hauschka's immediately recognisable melodic voice, flitting between introverted melancholy to optimistic, joyful melodies. The ensemble pieces are contrasted with intimate solo tracks that give the prepared piano's fascinating variety of textures a chance to shine. Live performance is where Hauschka's work truly comes to life: his piano strings are adorned with various objects that he clearly takes great delight in sharing with the audience, including a £1 necklace that makes an inimitable sound when placed across the strings.

Support comes from pianist David Wenngren, aka Library Tapes, who will be joined by Clem Leek and Antony Harrison for a semi-improvised take on work from his latest album Like Green Grass Against A Blue Sky (Auetic).

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