Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arev Benn – LTD to 100 pro-dubbed C40 cassettes...available now

Theres a new tape release available now - so get your hiss on up.

Its a noisy, nasty, throbby, synthy, doomy, droney, calamitous clatter of 38 minutes - also featuring growling guitars, crashed pianos, amateur violin dramatics, rabid drumming and hopeless chanting.

All of this was recorded through the coldest days of 2010, next to my radiator in Hackney. It’s kind of a tribute to my late nan - and a reaction to the coldest, blackest cold London can offer. Its not for the faint of heart. Glacial ambient soundscape seekers need not apply.

Gear list (as I remember it):

Gretsch Tennessee Rose
£60 violin played in the least capable manner
Roland Juno 60 + Casio VL Tone
Drum sticks/table top/baking tray
Realistic pitch variable cassette recorder
Boss DD-20 & Boss DD3 delays
EHX Big muff Pi & Tube Zipper, ProCo Rat
Boss RV3
Various Mic’s of varying quality

Thanks to Sweat Lodge Guru for putting this out. There are 100 copies only & they look ace.

See and buy here: http://sweatlodgeguru.com/about/
Listen and like here: www.soundcloud.com/ajkonn

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