Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Release - Awkward Silence 31

Back in the days when hangovers were fun, music came from shops and overdrafts seemed endless - I was a big big fan of spending my cash downstairs at Crash Records on Awkward Silence label's 7" series. And so I was introduced to inspiring artists such as Arovane, Yellow6, Tarentel , Maps & Diagrams, Stafrænn Hákon and more - magical stuff.

A decade later and I'm utterly chuffed to tell you that the Fonogram/Konntinent split 3" CD is available now! Thats 'now' as in this very second now!

Fonogram is Mr Vicente García Landa - once of CCO's One Second Bridge - and of course his music is brilliant...

There are only 300 copies of the 3" CD available and it will cost you a tiny £4.50 inc P&P in the UK. You can pay pal order now via
And I think there'll be wider distro and digital availability next week...

So, get going then!

& & & super thanks to Hibernate, Hebden Bridge, Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury, Ben Talvihorros and Tom White - swell time last

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