Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breaking Webs

Coming Soon: Fluid Audio and Handstitched* have joined forces to release an ep by Hessien entitled “Obelisk|Stelea” including exclusive reworkings of the original source material by Solo Andata, Jasper TX, Zelienople and Konntinent…

Surprising astrologists everywhere, Hessien continue to generate spontaneously out of the ether near the equator, somewhere between Australia and the UK. The most recent episode being “Obelisk|Stelea”, constructed inbetween the north-south divide.

“Obelisk” – as Hessien’s landscape evolves, the sound continues to push into desolate environments scattered with obstacles. Although not obvious at first, there’s an apparent relationship between these objects causing them to morph and create detail, submerged-hazy rhythm and textures which mirror the unconventional benchmarks found in music throughout its existence. More prominent on this release is the human voice, represented in snatches of field recordings and overheard conversations, including vocals contributed by Jane Williams. Acoustic tones continue to underpin the tactile electronic arrangements with loops, delays, e-bow, cello, pedals, creaking furniture and low-fi hiss — all rearing then lowering their heads within it’s duration.

“Stelea” – these four pieces have been intercepted in various states of formation by Solo Andata; combining distant parts of the original composition with their faultless signature sequences, unmistakable and balanced. The prolific Jasper TX; weaving his acoustical, drone-style magic into the mix, floating seamlessly into a land with a never-ending haze as the backdrop. Zelienople; An open-handed reinterpretation of the original shines and guides the way forward with an acoustic-prog interestingness to the version which flows with sincerity and meaning. And finally, Konntinent; transporting the listener into an irregular, avant-garde-like version, fuzzed-up, resampled and re-routed via a tape deck.

All four reworkings have been broken down, reconstituted and put back together, four pieces which become eight. A tale of dislocation, seperation and musical connectivity. Hessien and the four remixers conspire a bizarre plot and an equally bizarre, larger-than-life conclusion.

Available via Fluid Audio and other good record outlets. Limited to 200 copies for the world.

Release Date: Soon

1. A Letter from Engels
2. Gazed and Pale Reflections
3. Five Sisters
4. Breaking Webs
5. Gazed and Pale Reflections – Solo Andata Remix.
6. A Letter from Engels – Jasper TX Remix.
7. Five Sisters – Zelienople Remix.
8. Breaking Webs – Konntinents’ Analogue edit.

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